Security Services

Our security services allow your company to accomplish its business or organizational goals in any complex environment with potential risks to people or property.

Our security solutions are tailor-made to specific customer needs, and always include rigorous investigation and threat evaluation, with contingency planning, followed by deployment of security resources.

Standard projects include advising, evaluating, planning, and executing of short, medium and long-term security systems for antiterrorism, VIPs, companies, airports, institutions and other premises.

We have real experience in the field.
We understand your needs.
We know how to design tailor made solutions for you.

Some Services

Information Security

Topic: Do you think the information in your company’s website is secure? Do you think your website is secure?

Do you think your customers are protected? Have the applications you are developing been conceived from a perspective of the Information Security?

SD Universe, is a company leader for more than 12 years in the field of Physical Security, but also offers one of the most current services in security concerning applications and database. SD Universe offers its methodology, capability, creative and innovating thinking as well as a deep knowledge about the activity of the Hackers.

Our services in this complex matter are carried out by experts that have been pioneers in offering information security about applications and have developed a method to study weaknesses into the systems inside a company. SD Universe’s experts have a vast experience and knowledge concerning every aspect related to the Internet, not only about the vulnerabilities of the net but also in matters associated with hardware and software.

The success of marketing and commercial websites depends on how comfortable customers feel while navigating the site until they’ve completed a whole commercial operation. We also know how important the technology and security structures are for the online customer. These help customers feel secure when giving away personal data such as credit card numbers and other delicate information.

Unfortunately, during the last years dangerous trends concerning the Internet have gained space: Incursion to websites and theft of credit cards information, Phishing, SQL Injection, as well as other websites’ failures that allow hackers full access to data bases and customers’ accounts.

Some companies develop actions to protect the information as part of an overall vision of the risks map or as a result of previous attacks. However, many companies don’t protect their customers from the risks we mentioned.

SD Universe offers services concerning integral information security which is based on:

  1. Review and definition of the resources that must be protected.
  2. Information security solutions application
  3. Review of the strengths of the system’s current applications (through multiple format attacks drills)
  4. Help to develop secure solutions as well as training for programmers

SD Universe has vast experience in carrying out drills regarding attacks to information security systems and websites with the purpose of being accurate in the estimation of the grade of vulnerability of the systems and the programming code. Our experts will find those weaknesses and will recommend how to solve the problem.

SD Universe has offered this service to companies worldwide in different sectors as finance, governments, insurance companies, telecommunications, health, commerce, education, industry, etc.

Information Security & Physical Security – The Perfect Combination

The terrorist attacks on Sep. 11, 2001 in the US have marked, without a doubt, a before and after in the history of the nation and the global terrorism. The unthinkable became a horrible reality. Those attacks accomplished a massive destruction of human beings and assets. The enemy converted airplanes into non conventional weapons, waking up with this a big debate about future terror actions. In this context, one of the public demonstrations has been what we know as Cyber Terror.

We can define this type of terrorism like the kind that seeks to reach politics/ideological/religious goals hurting civil and innocent people, and it does it using technologies from the information world, performing big damages through what we call the “virtual world”

This type of terror, “Cyber Terror”, has reached its highest point during last years, being the Internet its main source of information. Most of the attacks are done from the outside of the limits of the object attacked, troubling prevention and dissuasion tasks. Its annual cost it’s been estimated in thousand of millions of dollars.

What can we learned from all this?

We can’t confront traditional terrorism or cyber terror as two different phenomena. It’s essential to take measures to integrate and complement the searching to reach an efficient; integral and overall security. It’s also necessary to understand the importance of security today, and the significance of accurate security systems. It’s important to be aware of versatile systems that can combine physical security and at the same time are able to intercept attacks from remote places of the planet.

Security Engineering

This is a service SD Universe offers to provide tailored solutions to it customers’ needs and security requirements in matters about Smart Buildings, Facilities Security , Access Control, Integral Protection in buildings.

This issue embraces consultancy and plan and implementations services among following areas:

1. Armored Building
2. Creation and design of Control and Monitoring Systems
3. Armoring Designed and Creation of Control and monitoring centers for condominiums and private neighborhoods
4. Total and Integral armoring for VIP homes
5. Control Systems for Gas propane and Oil pipelines built on the surface
6. Control Systems for Borders Patrol and Secured Zones

VIP Security

Our VIP Security Unit has a main role:

“Keeping the VIP and his family secure constantly, in every move and place, under any circumstances and executing all necessary actions to do their job well”

Our VIP protectors are always trained in:

  • Observation techniques according the way of thinking of the enemy

  • Learning how to address suspects in the every day job

  • Shooting training all the time (the weapon, stationary shooting, shooting in motion, from vehicles, in public places, etc.)

  • First Aids. Training in crucial assistance to the VIP until a professional arrives in the area.

  • Physical training to keep and improve protector’s aerobic abilities and muscular strength.

  • Legal rights as a protector. Studies of laws with a lawyer expert in the field.

  • Operational driving. To keep and improve operating driving skills.
Physical Security

Security and vigilance services in residential and commercial buildings; factories; institutions; countries; stores; hypermarkets and gated communities among others:

  • Protection and Control Systems installation and monitoring.

  • Receptionists and access control staff in commercial buildings and other institutions.

  • Recruiting and training of security chiefs; staff in risk positions; undercover personnel; distribution centers; shopping malls; hotels; etc.

  • Preventive border (Side-line) patrol services in countries and gated communities.

  • Security for corporate and private events.

  • Monitoring service level A, 24/7
  1. SD Universe encourages basing any solution on a professional threat analysis rather than a Band-Aid approach.
  2. The analysis should match the threats with a comprehensive Concept Of Operations (CONOPS), looking on all three elements: technology, manpower and processes.
  3. SD Universe is one of the world leader in tailoring full PIDS solutions. A typical discussion with the customer would define the following critical parameters as the input for an optimized solution:
  4. Define areas demanding high security versus lower security priority sections
  5. Identify the location of the command and control center; determine whether more than one is needed
  6. Identify where first responders are located; how long will it take them to respond effectively to an alarm and intercept the intruder, if the perimeter is breached.
  1. Our port-system is a full protection system for modern seaport security solutions and projects.
  2. Our port-system meets its customers’ need with its tailored,
    integrated security approach that incorporates the best of all-weather breed detection systems, video analytics and information management.
  3. This approach, built on the company’s extensive experience and in house technology.
  4. Our port-system a leading provider for ports outdoors comprehensive solutions.
  • One of the problem over the years and especially in recent years is the issue of borders.
  • Today, more and more countries are stepping up efforts in maintaining security and their own borders.
  • Security and retention focuses primarily on threats trying to infiltrate into the country through the border.
  • However, limits are designed addition to their defining state borders and preventing the entry of hostile forces they prevent an unordered exit from the country and escape from the it.
  • Depth analysis of the border and his needs, then construction of a comprehensive security program and providing a security concept.
  • Construction of the technological system designed to optimize the supervision of borders and preventing the entry and exit of unwanted elements.
  • Preparation and training of specific forces, which are responsible for securing the border.
Strategic Facilities Security

The main role of any building is to offer maximum safety and security to all its habitants. Most of the projects in armored buildings have been designed by SD Universe to achieve all the requirements and needs of a particular customer. Just very few are canned products to be sold in general; because all security design must be shaped according the real circumstances in the field to be protected.

Protection against terror and criminal threats must offer full security to institutions and governmental organizations, banks, private companies that are symbols or icons of a nation but also to commercial buildings and residences.

Organized crime and global terrorism are big threats almost unknown by many humans until today. Without a strong protection many organizations and companies will be constantly fighting their vulnerabilities in attacks such as Industrial espionage, property damages, loss of working days and profits, damage to their corporate image, and many others.

The need- In today’s world it’s a must to be trained to know how to protect installations from fraudulent activity and attacks. SD Universe offers training in this matter to provide tools and knowledge about how to create protection circles around strategic installations to prevent losses and attacks.

Protection circles or armored barriers are designed to control people and vehicles access; to raise barriers against violent intrusion in every access point of the building; to get efficient alarm systems; control and observation points; active methods such as remote door locking system, smoke screens; panic button alarm; among others.

The threat of global terrorism has persuaded our specialists to develop training about how to design integral and perimeter control systems for installations to assure that the entire security staff of a building is fully aware of how to armor and protect a strategic installation.

Our experts have extensive experience working with different types of enterprises in different industries, and in a variety of infrastructures and systems. Our experts have accomplished in the last decade Engineering and Security projects around the world.

We own resources to gather and analyze intelligence information to know needs and circumstances our customers face and to develop specific protection tools for different scenarios. These tools are what SD Universe calls ARMORING. Armoring; not in a technological mean but a figurative way that implies to keep the enemy away and out of contact from our protected target.